We design and manufacture a mesmerizing range of fully Automatic Chapati Machine to impart much of the relief to the workers in the preparation of the meals in various Departments of Institutes, Langars, Hospitals, Schools & College Hostels, Industrial Canteens and Railway & Defense Establishments. Our chapati machines help in home-like chapatis in most hygienic manner. Dough just needs to be fed into the hooper and at the outlet you get cooked chapatis. Apart from this no oil is required for the preparation of chapatis. Thus, our chapati machines offer oil free chapatis at economical prices.

Technichal Specification

Type Capacity Gas Consumption Dimensions Weight Power Motor
Pressing Type 800-1000 Chapatis / hr 2.25 to 3 kg. Hr 2350 (L)X 700 (W) X 1200 (H) 500 Kgs Single Phase / Three Phase 220V 50 Hz 0.75 Kw
Wt. of Chapati Chapati Thickness Chapati Size Chapati Color Appearance
25 gm – 45 gm 1.5 mm – 2.5 mm 4.5″ – 7″ (Adjustable) Light Brown Soft with puffed layer