Introduction (Model No. CE SA -1000)

This is the most compact, simplified & easy to use Chapati Machine. Dough balls are made manually and placed on the machine for pressing and baking.

It is an extremely simple machine and can be operated by Ordinary Labor through minimal training.


I Produces 1000 Chapatis per Hour.

Technichal Specification

Type Capacity Gas Consumption Dimensions Weight Power Motor Heater Total
Rotary Indexing 1000 Chapati per Hour 1.25 to 1.75 kg . Hr 1950 (L) X 1120 (W) X 1520 (H), mm 355 Kgs Single Phase / Three Phase 220V 50 Hz 0.40 Kw 0.75 Kw 0.15 Kw
Wt. of Chapati Chapati Thickness Chapati Size Chapati Color Appearance
25 gm – 45 gm 1.5 mm – 2.5 mm 4.5″ – 7″ Light Brown Soft with puffed layer