Considering the multi millions of tyres diposed of every year in all countries significant recycling opportunity exist for investors to earn dividends.More and More large volume uses are emerging for end products made from rubber,steel and textile derived from recycling tyres.

The quality material I n crumb/reclaim form is capable of performing numerous task once applied to a variety of end products like tiles and the adhesives, mixing with asphalt,sport surfaces,carpet underlay,noise and vibration insulation,playgrounds and matting.Rubber crumb/reclaim is used in new tyres/tubes,devalcanisation for low tech pressed or extruded rubber products,tread rubber,belting,battery containers,moulded items,commercial flooring,traffic control products and plenty more Recycled rubber crumb is valued at about one fifth the price of virgin rubber so where it is interchangeable it has obvious demand
Specification of Cracker/Grinder
Size Motors of Automation Main Motor HP
11″x15″x17″ 3+3 2+2+2+2* 40
14″x18″x24″ 3+3 3+3+3+3* 75
16″x20″x24″ 5+5 3+3+3+3* 100
18″x22″x30″ 5+5 5+5+5+5* 120
21″x24″x36″ 5+7.5 5+5+10+10* 125/150
22″x22″x32″ 5+7.5 5+5+10+10* 150
24″x28″x48″ 5+7.5 5+5+10+10* 150
Specification of Pre-Refiner*/Refiner
Size Main Motor HP
14″x18″x36″ 50/75
16″x18″x42″ 40/50
18″x22″x30″ 75
21″x24″x36″ 100