The machine is required to apply a thin layer of edible oil on both sides of biscuits for polishing/shining.


  • Completely fabricated in Stainless Steel including oil pump and pipe line.
  • Stainless steel wire mesh for conveying the biscuits.
  • Speed control through AC frequency drive (optional).
  • Machine fitted on four castor wheels for pushing out of the line, when not required.
  • Top and bottom spray through nozzles / splitting discs / wire brushes (Optional).
  • Oil consumption adjustable between 5% to 10%.
  • Uniform spray assured.
  • Separate control for top and bottom spray.
  • Triple oil filters to avoid nozzle choking.
  • Totally leak proof construction.
  • Two heating elements of 2 KW each for heating oil with thermostatic temperature control up to 170°C.
  • All contact parts and outer covers in Stainless Steel.