Hydraulic Presses are the machines in which rubber compound and other materials are shaped as finished products.As are the machines, So are the finished products.Ranging from 50 to 2500 tons,these presses are manufactured with operation safety and optimum machine production in mind.Controls and hydraulic systems are perfectlymatched to ensure complete customer satisfaction

The frame is fabricated from testsed-quality steel profiles and plates of suitable thickness to withstand load during operation.Maximum frame rigidity is achieved through computer aided frame design for longer life of press.Precise machining of parts and their careful assembly ensures accuries like parallelism between platen and bed and right angularity between the bed and the moving platen.
The low noise powerful hydraulic unit is designed as per latest standards and assembled with best quality components.all valves are manifold mounted for easy and quick maintanence.A pressure relief valve protectsagainst overloading of the press.During curing period,the motor stops which reduces electricity consumption these presses provide the fast approach,slow pressing and fast return speeds.the change in speed can give more production because number of breathing,breathing duration,curing time,temperature of platens can also be controlled.
Our presses are rightly called life line machines for best finished products.compromising with low cost and old fashioned machines for production will be the last folly for doom of any kind of industry.Though a few standard sizes are always in production and readily available,we custom engineer presses at short notice to fit the application needs of clients.