First Fully automatic compact, single unit machine to produce home-like chapaties in most hygienic way. Best suited for Industrial canteens, Langars, Hospitals, Hostels, Railways.


The machine produce balls from dough, rolls them in to chapatis, cooks them by turning sides on tawas and puffs them the way it is done at home.The machine produces soft and tasty chapatis with out oil.


Fully roasted and ready to eat chapatti produce by Fully Automatic Chapatti Machine having model no CE -AM- 1000, CE- AM-2000 , CE -AM-3000 , CE-AM-5000 ,CE-AM 10000 & CE- AM -25000 chapatti per hour . CE AM- 1000, CE- AM-2000 , CE-AM-3000 , CE-AM-5000, CE-AM-10000 & CE-AM -25000 respectively (this of quantity calculated on the base of 6/7Inch diameter only) and more depending upon diameter, and skill of the equipment operator; these machines are highly productive and cost effective. Consist dough sheeting, rotary die cutting, roasting with puffing. Dough just needs to be fed into the hopper and dough is passed from three layered dough sheeting machine each and every pass reduce the thickness of chapatti. This three pass having 2 pass from set of seasoned wood roll and 1 pass from one set of Teflon coated roll, with gauge adjustment for sheet thickness. After sheeting, dough sheet come automatically on flour sprinkled endless food grade conveyer belt thus dough sheet cannot stick with endless food grade conveyer belt. A rotary cutting is would be fitted on a roller for smooth and accurate cutting roti, chapatti as per the desired size. There would be a provision for shifting the generated chapatti scrap back to the hopper. Chapatti roasting oven machine consist with two layer mild steel flat top chain base heat resist silver smooth surface paint coated conveyer belt heated by heavy duty ribbon gas burners for roasting both side of chapatti and one layer of mild steel flat top with round holes chain base heat resist silver smooth surface paint coated conveyer belt heated by gas burner for puffing the chapatti. Complete unit is covered with stainless steel Cover for safety and hygienic purpose.

Technichal Specification

Model CE-AM-Mini CE-AM-1000 CE-AM-2000 CE-AM-4000 CE-AM-8000
Machine Area 5’x’3’x6′ (H) 7’x3’x6′ (H) 10’x3’x6′ (H) 10’x4’x6′ (H) 13’x4.5’x7′ (H))
Power Required 0.4 K.W 0.75 K.W 1.2 K.W 2.0 K.W 3 K.W
L.P.G. Consumption 2.5 Kg / hr 4 Kg / hr 7 Kg / hr 12 Kg / hr 25 Kg / hr
Chapati Size 4″ to 6″ Dia 4″ to 6″ Dia 4″ to 6″ Dia 4″ to 6″ Dia 4″ to 6″ Dia
Chapati Thickness 1.5-3 mm. 1.5-3 mm. 1.5-3 mm. 1.5-3 mm. 1.5-3 mm.
Chapati Weight 25gm-50gm 25gm-50gm 25gm-50gm 25gm-50gm 25gm-50gm
Production Capacity 500 Chapati/hr 1000 Chapati/hr 2000 Chapati/hr 4000 Chapati/hr 8000 Chapati/hr
Machine Weight 650 Kg 1000 Kg 1300 Kg 2000 Kg 3500 Kg

Special Features

  • Simple, rugged and very compact design requires no special skills to operate
  • As the machine follows our traditional chapati process(peda -rolling-baking on both sides and puffing), the chapatis is produced are soft and tasty
  • Uses L.P.G for heating and temperature is automatically, maintained, giving consistent quality.
  • All parts coming in contact with Dough and Chapati are made of Food grade Aluminum, Stainless steel 304 and PTFE.
  • Parts which need cleaning can be opened and reassembled quickly
  • You can adjust weight, size, thickness and browning on each side of Chapati
  • Optional chapati cooling conveyor and butter applicator available
  • It is a good-looking Chapati machine and can be displayed in any kitchen.