Continental Engineers offer dough mixers, specially designed for heavy duty kneading in the catering units, Biscuit Plants , eatery, commercial kitchens and restaurants. The kneader is manufactured using stainless steel 304 with rotating arms and bowls. Our dough mixer takes lesser time and gives better water absorption and also folds and stretches the dough for aeration and fermentation. It features a stainless steel bowl, which moves at a slow speed. The dough mixer makes mixing of the dough easier for preparing chapati, roties, puris, namkeens, samosa, partha, pizza etc.


Our dough mixer’s main body is fabricated form mild steel plated of adequate section to give rigidity and robustness. Rotated bowl is made from stainless steel and dough mixer’s arm is made from stainless steel and it’s driven by gear box. A specialized stainless steel scraper is provided with the dough mixer. Dough mixer’s bowl is rotated in clockwise and arm is rotating in anti clockwise thus batch is mix uniformly. Fabricated “V” belt guard is provided for safety.


Dough Mixer(3 Bag)

Spiral Mixer(Vertical Dough Mixer)

Technichal Specification

Model CE-DM-15 CE-DM-25 CE-DM-50 CE-DM-75 CE-DM-100 CE-DM-200 CE-DM-300
Capacity Kg Per Batch 15 25 50 75 100 200 300