A. Application:
The machine is used for mixing various ingredients such as flour, sugar, fat, water, and other chemicals for making hard, soft or fermented dough for making biscuits.

Designed to mix Crackers, Rotary and Hard Biscuit Dough, Cookie Dough, Dog Biscuits, Pie Dough, Animal Feeds, Corn Tortillas, Buttermilk Biscuits, Stiff Fillings, Chocolate, Bagel

B. Design:
A base plate over which two side frames are fitted for taking the load of mixing chamber which is fitted on side frames. In the mixing chamber two Z / sigma type-mixing blades are fitted which rotate at different speeds in opposite direction to mix various types of soft/hard dough for achieving required glutton of dough. An electrically operated tilting device is also fitted to tilt mixing chamber to unload mixed dough. The machine is covered from all sides to avoid dust and accidents etc.

C. Capacity:
100 Kg. Flour, 200 Kg. Flour, 300 Kg. Flour per batch.

D. Contact parts:
In standard model all contact parts are made in mile sheet/ cast iron but the top lid in S.S.-304. However all contact parts can be supplied in S.S.-304.

E. Leakage protection:
The mixing bowl is protected by double oil seals with gland rope in all four shafts of blades to avoid leakage of liquids from the mixing chamber.

F. Power load:
10HP & 1 HP, 20HP & 2HP, 30 HP & 3 HP respectively.

Feature & Benefit:

Heavy Duty Construction – Long lasting
•  Stainless Steel double skinned bowl with water channels insides — Long lasting
•  Water Jacket – Water cooling & warming to control dough temperature
•  Gear Reliability – Long lasting
•  Superior Shaft seal design – Long lasting
•  Dough Thermometer – Get the precise temperature of dough
•  Hydraulic Tilt System – Easy Operation
•  Electronic timer control – Let you set the mixer for automatic shift from first to second speed or
manually control
•  Better folding
•  Better discharge
•  Easy to clean
•  Complete stainless Z-shaped (Sigma) agitator and shaft.
•  Wire cut dough, Rotary cookie dough, Soft Biscuit, Hard Biscuit, Semi-hard Biscuit, Stiff Fillings,
Danish, Health food bars, Animal feeds
•  Double Sigma Arm Horizontal Mixer (Creamer) is also available


Model PM200 PM300 PM400 PM500
Capacityin dough 200kgs 300kgs 400kgs 500kgs
Power 30/15 HP 40/20 HP 60/30 HP 70/50 HP


Heavy-duty construction. Thick mild steel main side plates & mild steel or stainless steel bowl side plates
•  Beater (mixing arm) is driven from both sides
•  No through shaft, avoiding sticking of the dough, ensuring better hygiene
•  Lubrication system for greasing all the points
•  Heavy-duty bearings for counter-shafts
•  Tilting of the bowl up to 90° (optional up to 135°)
•  Inching function with safety features for removing the dough after mixing
•  Beater speeds 40 (fast) / 20 (slow) rpm
•  Beater made of solid casting in mild steel or stainless steel

Motors – Single speed: 40 HP (30 kW) with Frequency Controller or -Two speed: 23 / 36 HP (17/27 kW)

Used for mixing all varieties of biscuit dough.

Short dough (Cream biscuit shells, Glucose, Tiger)
•  Hard dough (Marie, Petit Beurre )
•  Fermented dough (Monaco, Krack-Jack, Snax)

Mixer capacity: 450 kg of


Main motor either with 2 speed with D.O.L panel or single speed with Frequency Controller and PLC
•  Mixer can be provided with bowl, beater, beater shafts, canopy and all outer covers in mild steel
or stainless steel
•  Mixer frame of greater height can be provided if top platform is needed


Horizontal Double Sigma- Arm Mixer

Suitable for the production of homogeneous mixes, heavy and high viscose doughs as they are required by the biscuit, confectionery and food industry (biscuits, gingerbread, marchpane, chewing gum, etc.)

Special characteristics

Solid, robust and stable construction, manufactured of top quality materials
•  Modern design, simple and easy cleaning
•  Operation and maintenance with up-to-date technology
•  Optimum of security for operating personnel and minimum of maintenance
•  Homogeneous mixing of products
•  Fast and intensive kneading of doughs
•  Machine execution: · machine completely made of stainless steel
•  Tiltable lid for manual supply of ingredients or fixed lid with infeed studs for automatic supply of
ingredients · tiltable mixing bowl with electromechanical or hydraulical tilting device
•  Sigma-shaped mixing arms of special cast stainless steel with high-strength properties
•  Drive from both sides with spur gears for pastes and solid doughs
•  Reversable and stageless speed adjustable main drive motor, frequency controlled
•  Jacketed bowl of stainless steel for heating or cooling respectively (option)
•  All operations such as mixing, kneading, emptying, etc. are controlled by PLC
•  Mixing bowl sizes 135, 250, 450, 650 and 1.000 l