Company has pioneered many improvements in calendar design which have resulted in products of greatly improved quality and economy of production.

Calenders are made in a wide range of sizes, from small laboratory unit upto the large production machines.they are furnished with two,three,four or more rolls and with rolls in number of different arrangements.
Calenders of all sizes incorporating the latest features for obtaining uniform coating and sheet thickness.better productivity and processing of rubber.
Specification of Calender Machine
Size Line Speed/Minute in Mtrs. Max. Width of Product Electric Motor HP
6″x18″ 7 14″ 7.5
8″x24″ 7 20″ 10
10″x30″ 7 26″ 15
12″x36″ 9 30″ 25
14″x42″ 9 36″ 40
16″x48″ 9 42″ 50
18″x54″ 9 48″ 60
22″x66″ 9 60″ 100