• Continuous production in-line
  • High efficient heat transfer
  • Low energy consumption
  • Hygienic production conditions
  • Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Cooling conveyors using the ambient air temperature for product
  • pre-cooling or equipped with insulation box
  • Insulation box with doors allowing free access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Efficient insulation by Polyurethane foam panels of 80mm thickness
  • Interior and exterior cladding of stainless steel sheet metal, brushed
  • Optionally: Cladding of galvanized mild steel sheet metal

Cooling Equipment

  • Heat exchanger coils for desired refrigerant Freon, Glycol or salt brine
  • Integrated axial fans providing high efficient convection heat transfer
  • Cooling compressors fitted with air or water condensers of well-known manufacturers with international services
  • Optionally with air drying equipment, in order to reduce humidity pick-up of hygroscopic biscuit structure

Cooling tunnels for biscuits prior to enrobing or wrapping or after sandwiching.
Our cooling tunnels are made of stainless steel framework and air guides inside.
Also the exterior cladding is made of stainless steel sheet metal.

The tunnels are available with complete cooling equipment, such as evaporators, air blowers, cooling machines, air dryers, etc. The inside is easily accessible through a number of large doors on top both the tunnel.

Product Features

  • Conveyor working widths 12” to 36”
  • Cooling tunnels 30 to 100 feet long
  • Remote Refrigeration
  • Additional cooling zones
  • Extended front conveyors
  • Different power requirements
  • Equipment Certification

Stainless-steel and Steel construction

  • Digital temperature control 2 Cooling Zone
  • AC Variable speed conveyor system
  • Easy to clean components
  • Insulated lift off light weight canopies
  • Low Humidity Design
  • Cooling temperature range ambient temp to 45 degrees
  • Conveyor width 15 to 36 inches
  • Maximum product height is 6 inches
  • Locking casters
  • Heavy duty AC drive motor
  • Working voltage is 230 V, 3 phase, 60 amps
  • Refrigeration 404-A
  • Note: remote refrigeration is not included in price
  • Dimensions 44” W x 44’ L x 55.5” H
  • Available in 1 meter and 1.2 meter widths
  • Modules are 5′ in length
  • Unique clam-shell design for superior sanitation
  • High Impact Insulated Fibreglass hoods (3 per module)
  • Carrying Surface Options: Poly-belt, Plastic, Mesh
  • Belt Tracking System
  • Controls: Standard or PLC Controls
  • Cooling System: Evaporator Coil – 1 per module, Nozzle Plate for directed airflow – 1 per module, Chilled Bed Option available
  • 5′ In feed Section
  • 5′ Discharge Section