The biscuit coming from stripping conveyor is directed on to the cooling conveyor to transfer the heat in the biscuit to atmospheric air as it is passing on it. The recommended total travel of the cooling conveyor is 1.5 times the oven length. As per your specifications you need the travel of 150 ft. for effecting cooling. Cooling conveyor is made in a modular construction of 2.5 Mtrs. long and connected together to form the required length. The supporting side channels are fabricated from 3mm thick M.S. sheet.

Idle rollers are spaced at 750mm apart on conveying direction and 1700mm on the return direction. All the idle rollers are of 48mm dia, mounted on 6004 ZZ deep groove ball bearings with grinding finish and hard chrome plated for hygienic conditions.

As you know very well practically about the droppings of oil from the cloth due to rubbing of cloth against tie angles when producing high fat biscuits. To minimise this we replaced the all tie angles also with idle rollers. This might costs little extra, but you can maintain hygienic conditions at working area.

Drive drums are two no’s. of 220mm dia and projections are made on the surface of drums to minimise slip or covered with friction grip rubber tape. Manual tensioning and tracking are provided.

You can rely only on feeder table to stack the oil sprayed biscuits which does not require more travel after oil spraying.